Three Ways To Affiliate With The FORC


Organized churches are recognized by the presence of a Presbytery (i.e., a local ruling body composed of two or more Presbyters/Elders). Such churches may apply for membership in the FORC via application of the Presbyters. A local church is considered a member church when at least one member of the Presbytery of that church possesses FORC credentials.


Ministers involved in the task of church planting and desiring recognition by the FORC shall contact a local church within the FORC and establish a relationship with that church. An FORC church which becomes involved in such an endeavor shall be referred to as the sponsoring church. The minister seeking recognition by the FORC shall follow FORC recognition procedures (see BCO II, B). Once recognized, the Presbyter of the mission church shall be under the authority and direct supervision of the Presbytery of the sponsoring church. When the sponsoring church ordains, or installs, an additional Presbyter to serve with the first, the mission church will be recognized as a member church within the FORC.


An associate membership with the FORC may be requested by a Presbytery in general agreement with FORC doctrine and sacraments. This membership must be approved by a Council (See BCO IV, B).

The complete FORC Book of Church Order is available here.